Hartley Wintney Barn Renovation

||Hartley Wintney Barn Renovation

Hartley Wintney Barn Renovation

GPT Building Services carried out a full renovation, from barn to living space in Hartley Wintney. The project was completed in two years and included landscaping of the courtyard surrounding the property; installation of a glass roof dining area and bi-fold doors leading from the kitchen to the courtyard. The glass panels of the property, among other features, have been encased in an oak timber frame. The frame type lends to the buildings rustic, yet modern look.

The Hartley Wintney barn renovation was an extensive project, pictured below is the original weathered exterior of the barn before renovation.

Before & After Interior Renovation

In the lounge GPT Building Services underpinned the foundations and erected a steel frame on the inside. This frame provided structure to hold up the brick walls and support the roof, a full interior fit out was also provided by GPT Building Services throughout the property.

The kitchen, originally the barns milking stools, were transformed in to a kitchen and mezzanine dining area. A basement was constructed under the kitchen area to create extra living space. GPT Building Services dropped the water table around the farm with a Sump Pump System to enable the construction of the basement.

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